Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. (Margaret Mead)


A small group of people got together in 2001, calling themselves the Merritton Community Group, with the intentions of enhancing the social and economic character of Merritton while supporting Merritton as a distinctive heritage community. We are now proudly a part of the Merritton Lions.


One of the first projects was this newsletter and since the inception of Merritton Matters, the Editor/Writer has been Lorraine Giroux. All articles without a byline are by her. Phyllis Thomson is editor extraordinaire.


Contributions have been received over the years, with much appreciation, from a variety of local authors. This issue features the work of Isabel  Bachmann, Tom Barwell, Pastor Rev. Dr. Gordon Crossfield, Mike Gander, Brian Tibbs and Phyllis Thomson. This newsletter couldn’t exist without Tom Barwell who has contributed to every issue since the early 2000’s. Tony Morra is relentless in his sourcing of advertising. Photographs are the very professional work of Susan Fluellon. Lana Pesant is our Graphic Designer who takes the draft sent to her by the editor and makes a perfect finished product. Our coordinator, idea generator and community muse, is the super resourceful Sheila Morra.

“We are a non-profit group dedicated to the development and enhancement of the social
and economic character of Merritton, mindful of its distinct community heritage.”

The group is open to anybody who subscribes to this mission and anybody who wants
to contribute to the community and economic betterment of Merritton, St. Catharines.

Articles, or suggestions for articles are very welcome and can be sent via email to merrittonmatters1@gmail.com.